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We help you get your store QUALITY traffic that converts & drives


Due to the intricate process required to deliver this service we’re only able to select a group of stores to reap the benefits of our signature process at this time…

**We apologize in advance if we cannot take on your shop due to our exclusivity policy or not meeting the requirements necessary.**

Yes, I wanted more sales yesterday.

What Ecommerce Stores Do We Drive Endless Growth For?

**If We Don’t Bring You At Least A 20% Return Your First Month**

We will give you a FULL REFUND and personally write you a check for another $1,000 on top.

(Yes… That’s how confident we are in our system & you should be too.)

From The Desk Of:

Rony Hay
Founder of Klout Consulting

An Open Letter To Those In the Ecommerce Space

If you’re spending less than $20k per month and you’re not as profitable as you want to be, it’s not your fault.

You’ve been lied to.

There are too many ‘experts’ in our industry that OVERCOMPLICATE growing your store.

In most stores there are one of two bottlenecks:

ONE: The business is constantly selling out and having to scale down their ads because they can’t handle fulfillment (a good problem).


TWO: The business is doing well but their normal flow of business is filled with ups and downs. Even though they are doing well, they can’t forecast sales the way they want to.

These businesses usually sit at 30-50% of their potential and just can’t get it to that next level.

Their products are amazing.

They know their customers inside and out.

They post every single day on social media and are doing their best with their online presence.


They have no way of predictively bringing in new customers on a daily basis.

Now to most this is an issue.

But, luckily we’ve generated over $20 Million through online advertising and have perfected our “Ultimate Paid Ads Advantage” system.

Not only are we able to generate traffic for your store.

But, we do so through your brand’s voice to ATTRACT your ideal audience.

So these people aren’t just coming to window shop.

They are coming to BUY from YOU.

YOUR STORE is the only one they want to buy from.

They don’t even want to complain over price because they see the VALUE your store brings.

On top of all that…

These customers become raving brand ambassadors that promote your store for free.

How would it look like if your store was able to tap into your true buyer’s market like the store below?


These are all stores from 2020 – stop letting your store’s potential go to waste.

If you can handle more sales and connect with any of the scenarios at the top of the page, apply and see if you are a good fit.

Like we said above… if we don’t deliver on what we say we do…

We will give you a full refund AND WRITE YOU A CHECK FOR $1,000 FOR WASTING YOUR TIME.

Apply now and let’s start selling out your store’s warehouse.


To See If Your Business Qualifies

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How Do We Ensure Such A High Success Rate?

We don’t accept most businesses that work with us. We have an extremely selective selection process & need to do so to ensure all of our partners have the necessary capacity to handle the influx of sales we’ll be bringing in. Your success is our success.

Once accepted, we don’t just throw together some cookie-cutter system that we use for everyone else. We custom-tailor all parts of our process to represent your brand’s messaging and ensure the growth of your business.

WE DO NOT FOCUS ON ANYTHING EXCEPT ECOMMERCE BUSINESSES. So many companies are generalists that can’t stay ahead or drive significant results because of it. Our team lives and breathes ecommerce and make sure to stay ahead of the curve in all things ecommerce & digital marketing so that our business and our partners are always thriving.

Find Out If Your Store Is A Fit For Our System

What Is Your Proven Process To Scale 7-figure Stores?

Our roadmap is a 3 pillar process that we take our qualified clients through.

Brands are stuck being so product-focused they don’t understand how to build Awareness through the lens of their customers.

All traffic isn’t created equal and traffic quality depends on how you build Affinity – this is what separates traffic that converts from what doesn’t.

Authority is knowing WHEN and HOW to scale without sacrificing margins while effectively using all the previous data your store has collected.

Want us to take you through this?

Before Your Competitor Does

What this audit is for:

  • To connect and learn about your businesses
  • To establish a relationship
  • To audit your current marketing strategy

What this call is NOT for:

  • Making sales decisions or pitching