Klout Consulting

Klout’s Ultimate Paid Ads Advantage™

Our proven signature process we use to scale 7-figure brands.

Here's How It Works

Our process is designed with your brand in mind. We’re committed to learning YOUR customers better than you do in 90 days or less. Here’s our process to deliver the highest ROI for your business.


(1 to 2 weeks)

First, we take a deep dive into what you’ve tried, who you’re trying to reach, and create a map for you to connect your store to your audience.

02 Affinity

(2 to 6 weeks)

Then, we find and convert your dream customers by creating effective campaigns that speak to your customers in the messaging they relate with. Our team of media buyers monitor your account on a daily basis to test and learn as quickly as possible.

03 Authority

(1+ Months)

Lastly, we use the profits from phase 2 to scale spend even further. We elevate your brand by applying advanced scaling strategies to the campaigns that are working. We do this by applying cross-industry knowledge to accelerate growth.

Due to NDAs we don’t disclose many of our client results.

Please book a call to apply and see if our process will work for you.