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Scaling an ecommerce brand requires a lot of energy and dedication: From forecasting inventory to delivering a top-notch customer experience, there are too many balls to juggle as you grow.

On top of that you have to figure out how to run ads profitably to generate consistent sales.

This is when finding an agency that thinks and acts as a partner can take one of your hats off, while giving you the confidence that your scaling campaigns are going to crush it.

So why not let us take care of you so that you can take care of your customers? Here’s the first-class experience our clients get when they team up with Klout:

Designed To Scale Growing Brands Even Faster

Adding fuel to the fire is what Klout did to rapidly scale Rich & Clear’s brand, helping them achieve their first $160K month after just 3 months working together.

When Rich & Clear reached out to us, they had already built a 7-figure business only on the back of organic growth and influencer marketing. But they wanted more.

So we added Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and email marketing to the mix to drive explosive growth for their brand.

“We struggled with getting paid ads to work in the past and were about to completely give up on it. Klout not only changed our minds with the extraordinary results they immediately brought in, but they also revived our email marketing by takitng us off of spam lists and getting our open rates from 2 to 20%.”
Ernest Louis
CEO at Rich & Clear, a global skincare brand.

Curated To Elevate Your Brand Status

Uncovering the uniqueness of our clients’ brands is what empowered Klout to connect the premium brand Style Reform with their ideal customers, resulting in 707% growth in monthly sales with a 3.28x ROAS.

After doing a deep dive into the brand and its market, we found out that JLo was not only wearing one of their leggings, but that she also loved it.

Armed with that information, we started running engaging ads across multiple platforms to strengthen the brand positioning, helping us drive conversion rates up while keeping CPA down.

“Before teaming up with Klout we had a thriving wholesale business with almost $0 in online sales. In only 2 months, Klout took us from $6k monthly sales to $43K, while delivering a 3x return on ad spend. Their expertise on paid ads was certainly critical, but the amazing work they've put into understanding our brand was where they really shined.”
Christy Teloh
Founder of Style Reform, a luxe loungewear brand.

Tailored Towards Your Specific Goals

Listening closely to clients and developing a plan tailored to their specific goals is what allowed Klout to help Sarah’s ecommerce triple its revenue in 6 months.

Instead of focusing solely on remarketing to keep ROAS “looking good” like other agencies did, we performed a complete review of Sarah’s existing ad account to find out the real reason why she was struggling to acquire customers at scale.

The problem turned out to be that the previous targeting was incredibly narrow. Armed with this insight, we applied our signature process to expand our advertisement reach, while still driving higher ROAS.

"We were skeptical when we first hired Klout. We had worked with a string of marketing agencies who didn't take the time to understand our business and didn't communicate. With three months Klout increased our revenue 3x and within a year we hired Klout to manage our Google ads and email marketing as well."
Sarah Ansari
CEO at Artizara, a Muslim fashion brand.

Guaranteed 20% Return For Your First Month

*For Qualifying Brands Only

This is our no-excuse policy. We either deliver results or you get your money back plus an extra check for $1,000 on top of that.

Aside from the ecommerce brands already mentioned, we’ve also helped scale a jewelry store, a bedding company, an outdoor patio store, and multiple DTC supplement companies. So if you’ve done at least $100k in sales in the last 12 months, we are confident that we can grow yours too.

In fact, we offer you a full refund plus $1,000 in case we don’t deliver at least 20% return for your first month.

Just bear in mind that due to the nature of this offer, we can only work with a few selected ecommerce brands at a time. If you feel that our values are aligned AND you have the structure to handle such explosive growth, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

What We Do To Scale Our Clients’ Brands

Facebook Ads

Before even setting up the ads, we take a deep dive into what you’ve tried, who you’re trying to reach, and then we create a map to connect your store to your audience.

This process gives our media-buying team the insights they need to build hyper-targeted audiences and structure your ads for maximum ROAS.

And unlike many other marketing agencies out there, we don’t just set and forget. We’re always making data-driven changes in your campaigns to consistently drive more revenue and customers to your brand.

Google Ads

Becoming omnipresent is a critical step for any ecommerce brand that wants to scale. We help our clients achieve that through Google Remarketing Ads and by dominating brand search with Google Ads.

These initiatives not only help boost brand authority, but they also decrease overall costv per acquisition.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the backbone of any ecommerce brand that cares about long-term results.

At Klout, we help brands design email sequences that increase their customer lifetime value by getting their subscribers to buy more, more often.

Meet Klout's Founder

Rony Hay

Rony’s ecommerce journey started out when he flew to China for a 3-day Summit and heard for the first time about the FBA business model. Inspired by the many success stories from other entrepreneurs, Rony decided to go full-throttle into this business model and put all his savings on the line.

As it happens often with first-time entrepreneurs, that experience didn’t work out exactly as expected. He was killing it with the ads, but he didn’t like how cold and far away the FBA business model was from the end-user.

Packed with this new knowledge, Rony decided to put his ad skills at the service of other ecommerce brands. However, he didn’t just want to deliver extraordinary results. He also wanted to provide a first-class experience that clients would rave about.

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