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We help our clients generate 3X+ ROAS through paid advertising platforms like Facebook.

Efficient, organized, profitable sales when your brand needs them most.

You’ve already created a trusted brand online.
We help you reach more raving customers.

Here's How It Works

Step 1: Schedule Call

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Step 2: Audit Situation

On the call, we’ll get clear on if we CAN’T or CAN help. If we can, we’ll schedule a second call to get everyone onboard.

Step 3: Develop Plan

Assuming we’re a good fit, we’ll explain our advertising process to you and develop a custom plan together.

Step 4: Launch

When you’re ready to get started, we’ll start implementing. 

Why Choose Us?


We help bring you sales consistently and at the cost you need. Start reaching more customers and scale to the level you want to.


Not a data person? Don’t worry. We’ll make sure we walk you through exactly how what opportunities we find and how we’ll be solving them.


We get your brand in front of your ideal customers. Focus on building your brand while we focus on driving more revenue.

Message From The Founder

Rony Hay

I founded Klout Consulting after years of marketing online. My goal has always been simple. Help businesses grow by offering dependable paid advertising solutions that grow your brand. The advertising landscape is filled with fly by night agencies who could care less about their clients. My intention has and will always be to deliver stellar results with integrity and reliability. However, anyone can claim that. I look forward to connecting with you soon and letting our actions speak for themselves!

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