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We take a deep dive into your email marketing efforts and do a 12+ point email marketing audit. This strategy creates a crystal clear game plan to grow your email revenue.

Generate Flow

We start creating new flows that show opportunities for growth. Sit back and relax as revenue increases on auto-pilot.

Optimize Flow

We continue to test advanced flows and segments to engage with your audience in ways they enjoy being connected with. We improve deliverability and metrics you need to be on top of.

Intentional Email Strategy That Captures Your Brand’s Messaging AND Drives Sales

Work with an expert email marketing team that saves you time and work across various industries.

Brand: Rich & Clear

The Problem
R&C came to us with an ambitious goal. They wanted to recreate the momentum and growth they were doing organically with a paid strategy. They tried ads before but didn’t find much success. They were determined to hit their first $200k month with a better strategy. We knew digging into their email strategy would be the first step to closing that gap. Email revenue was around 7%, open rates below 10%, and over 70% of emails were going to spam.

Klout’s Solution
We did a holistic audit and created an implementation plan around it. We know that clients come to us with one core goal: to make sales at a profitable rate. We knew that even though this was what they wanted, we knew what they needed. We had two primary objectives for this account: 1) Improve overall account health, which means increasing deliverability and 2) optimizing core flows. We sent spam-friendly emails temporarily and started deploying advanced flows.

The Results
• Email Marketing Revenue grew 300%+ hovering between 20% to 30%.
• Above average engagement rates
• Domain reputation is High
• Created 10+ Flows generating an additional 15% in revenue
• Achieved $200k month in 2 month goal

Brand: Artizara

The Problem
Artizara is a thriving brand with a great track record. Their issues were decreasing engagement rates over time. Which created an increasing spam rate for their emails that were being sent out. Open rates were around 5% and beautiful content was being sent out without a thoughtful strategy tying it all together. Core flows were missing or weren’t updated in years. There was an abundance of opportunities to engage with their community. We were determined to do so.

Klout’s Solution
Implemented email audit and created an implementation plan. Two objectives focused on were community engagement and driving revenue through core flows. We were able to create compelling copy to pair with their content as well as create core segments that outperformed previous ones.

The Results
• Additional $20k+ email revenue
• Increased open rates
• Engaged with their community through advanced segments

Brand: Lawless Labs

The Problem
Lawless is a supplement powerhouse in the space. They weren’t new to the ecommerce world and knew exactly what problems they were facing when it came to increasing customer retention and lifetime value. They wanted to find a collaborative partner that would free up their time to work on other parts of the business.

Klout’s Solution
We worked closely with the client to create a tailored strategy to fit their needs. They wanted specific flows post-purchase to improve the customer experience and increase retention. We focused on learning their workflow to take over their weekly campaign cadence. We made sure to use effective copy angles to connect with their audience.

The Results
• 20%+ Email marketing revenue out the gate
• Additional $13,000+ email revenue
• Effective post-purchase flows

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