Klout Consulting

How To Choose The Perfect Agency To Scale Your Brand To Multiple 7-Figures

For DTC Brands That Have Proven A Product, Supply Chain, & Ambition For Growth

Step 1: The Moral Aspect

Myth: Agencies don’t care for my brand the same way I do.
When you can find an agency that’s more than a lifestyle business for some random CEO, you’ve got it. You need someone that CARES about your business and has the EMPATHY of a an entrepreneur with a long term perspective. This is the same reason we reject over 75% of brands that apply to work with us.

Step 2: The Human Approach

Myth: Bigger marketing teams are always the better choice.
Your brand has unique needs which need a tailored response to growing it. If you enjoy a boutique, customer-focused service then you should look into smaller agencies. They can go deeper with strategy as well as give your campaigns more time and energy than an agency where leadership is completely removed.

Step 3: The Financial Investment

Myth: There’s only two options for hiring a marketing team: the cheapest (low risk) or most premium (least risk) options.
Business owners like to make things black or white. To go for the very best when they’ve saved up a ton OR to try and find someone cheap that does performance only. With the advertising dynamic changing rapidly in 2020. We highly recommend considering an agency that has a hybrid model.